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Made in USA


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JRE HPSS-1 - Signal source for measuring isolation of RF Shielded Test Enclosures

Test and verify the isolation of your test enclosureJRE HPSS-1 RF Generator and Spectrum analyzer

  • Verify proper isolation of any test enclosure
  • High power source allows measuring isolation of over 120 dB
  • Synthesized source for stable measurements even with narrow IF bandwidths on spectrum analyzer
  • Use with any spectrum analyzer that can tune to 2.45 GHz
  • 4 hour runtime, uses high capacity internal Li-Ion battery pack
  • Small directional Yagi antenna to pinpoint any leakage
  • Ideal for periodic tests and verification, especially useful after shipping or reconfigurations
  • Low cost: $995

Verify correct operation of your RF shielded test enclosure in your lab or anywhere with this easy to use signal source and antenna kit. Using a standard RF spectrum analyzer as the receiving device allows fast and easy confirmation of the integrity of your enclosure and the veracity of your tests!

A high capacity internal Li-Ion battery allows completely stand alone operation, there is no need for any external power supply or the need to feed power into the test enclosure, thus having the enclosure isolation barrier unimpeded.

Enclosed within the HPSS-1's rugged extruded aluminum enclosure is a high power, 250 -500 mW source operating at 2.45 GHz. This frequency is ideal since it falls within the frequency range of most low cost spectrum analyzers and also allows the use of a small Yagi antenna which is ideal for ferreting out any leakage around test enclosure seals, I/O plates or ventilation filters. Harmonics can be used to examine higher frequencies, but in general, if your enclosure is tight and shows no anomalies at 2.45 GHz, you'll be good at higher frequencies.

For a short video showing the HPSS-1 Set in action, go here:

JRE HPSS-1 Demonstration Image

The HPSS-1 is part of the complete JRE TVK Test Verification Kit

JRE TVK Test Verification Set  JRE HPSS-1 High Power 2.45 GHz Test Signal source   JRE STA-1 Hand Held Shielding Test Spectrum Analyzer


Features and Benefits

  • High power allows measuring high isolation values
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery for stand alone operation, no extra power cables crossing the RF shielding barrier
  • Synthesized source allows narrow bandwidth settings in receiving device for high sensitivity  
  • Directional small Yagi sniffer antenna makes sweeping the enclosure fast and repeatable
  • Universal wall adapter charger works worldwide
  • Use with any spectrum analyzer capable of use at 2.45 GHz


RF Output and Yagi: SMA Female
Charger: 2.1 mm coaxial, center pin +

Power output

Minimum +23 dBm, typically +25 to +27 dBm


      Universal wall adapter/charger
      Dipole whip antenna, Yagi antenna


Outside: 1.2" H x 4.75" W x 6.5" D

Download JRE HPSS-1 datasheet