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Window Option for RF Shielded Test Enclosures


Add an RF Shielded viewing window to any suitable sized enclosure

  • Window area: 10.5 x 4.5 inches, 265 x 115 mm
  • Patent Pending design for maximum shielding
  • Requires minimum 12 x 6 inch, 305 x 155 mm mounting area
  • Dual layer laminate of PET window layers
  • Excellent RF Isolation of 70 db
  • 70% light transmission
  • Includes self powered LED lighting - 350 lumens
  • Low cost: $425

Add an RF Shielded viewing window to any suitably sized RF Test enclosure. The newly designed viewing window (Patent Pending) utilizes a unique lamination of conductive PET plastic layers with novel grounding to provide RF shielding of over 70 db while still allowing a light transmission of greater than 70%. Included is a lighting system with dual brilliant LED illumination 'boards' as well as a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack and charger. The LED illumination boards may be mounted anywhere inside the enclosure and since it is battery powered, does not require any connection through your I/O Interface plate for power.

Required mounting area is 12 x 6 inches and can be installed on any wall of the enclosure, although the cover is preferred. Of course, a cut-out in the enclosure wall is required for the window area, as well as mounting screw holes. For this reason, it is best to add the window option at the time of purchase, so that the necessary enclosure modifications can be done at the factory.

Excellent clarity viewing through the window

Features and Benefits

  • Patent Pending window design
  • Over 70 db of shielding
  • 70% Light transmission
  • Includes lighting assembly - 350 Lumens
  • Retrofitable into any suitably sized enclosure


-80dB @ 1GHz, -75dB @ 3GHz, -70dB @ 6GHz


Window area: 10.5 x 4.5 inches, 265 x 115 mm
Mounting area: 12 x 6 inch, 305 x 155 mm